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Running a Home Business

Learn the ins and outs of starting your own home-based business. Develop a business plan for your venture whether you’re freelancing or consulting in your area of expertise or launching a new Internet-based business.
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Skills to Start a Home Business
Do you have what it takes to start a home business and make it a success? And I'm not just talking about capital but do you have the skills and personality to start a home business. Read here what skills it takes to start a home business.

Home Business vs. Telecommuting Job
Working from home might mean having a telecommuting job or it could be running a home-based business, which would include consulting or freelancing. Each has its ups and downs. From your own experience, what are some of the pros and cons of each situation?

Comparing Employment and Self-Employment
Find the pros and cons of both self-employment versus regular employment.

Finding the Right Work at Home Business
Starting a work at home business—much like finding a work at home job—begins by finding something that a good match with your skills and personality traits. So as you mull a work at home business ideas take into account more than just the dollars and cents of it. Read more on starting a work at home business...

What Is the Difference Between a Bookkeeper and Accountant?
Find out what the difference between bookkeeping and accounting for home businesses and what it means for your WAHM business.

What's a Legitimate WAHM Opportunity and What's Not?
When getting started working from home, figuring out which work-at-home jobs are legitimate, and which are not legitimate, is the first step. As you cull through the many Internet job postings and ads, a pattern of deception becomes clear.

Work at Home Job Scams
Work-at-home scams typically fall under several variations on a few themes. Some are pure cons while others are simply poor money-making opportunities. This list of possible work-at-home scams outlines both types.

8 Tips for Great Weekend Getaways from Work
Weekend getaways are a perfect way for a busy entrepreneur to get some rest and relaxation without having a negative impact on business. If you already operate a small home business, especially one that's a one-person operation, you're probably all too aware that it's not easy to take a day off, let alone schedule an extended vacation.

Writing Press Releases - How to Write Press Releases
Letting folks in your industry or local area know what services your business has to offer is key to building your home business.

Good Phone Etiquette in the Home Office
Good manners and proper phone etiquette are essential in any business setting. Use these phone etiquette tips to ensure that your phone manner sounds professional from your home office or anywhere.

Make Money During the Holiday...From Home
Most of these ideas for earning holiday cash are home business ideas with low start-up costs.

4 Things You Need to Know to Start Your Home Business
Think you’re ready to start your home business? You’ve saved some money for start-up costs; you know the ins and outs of your industry well; you’ve got the skills of a business owner and the personality of a work at home mom. What else do you need to start your own business? Here are four more subjects you may need to brush up on before you...

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