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Recipes Kids Can Make

Let the kids do the cooking! Kids think cooking is fun and so if kids cook, that's one less job for mom. These recipes are things that kids--with a little cooking instruction--can make themselves.
  1. Kids Make Dinner Night (6)

Pizza - Kid Friendly Cooking Instructions
The only thing kids like more than eating pizza is making pizza. With a bread machine making pizza dough is easy. And it taste better than the pizza dough you buy in the store.

Kids Can Cook Pancakes
Pancakes for dinner! When my youngest proposed pancakes for kids-make-dinner night the others were surprised but enthusiastic. They'd obviously never heard of a pancake dinner. I took a look at my pancake recipe and well it seemed fairly kid friendly...well, except for the hot griddle and all.

Taco Meat - Kid Friendly Cooking Instructions
I've been collecting easy recipes for kids to make because I've put my kids in charge of dinner one night a week. Taco meat can be used for tacos or nachos, both are always popular recipes for kids.

Macaroni and Tomatoes
Macaroni and tomatoes is a family favorite in our house. Not only because kids like it but because it's a recipe kids can make.

No Cook Chicken Fruit Salad
Kids can this salad made with whatever fresh fruits are in season. Kids should be careful using the knife or mom may need to do some chopping in advance.

Ants on a Log
A preschooler can make this healthy recipe, but older kids will enjoy it too.

Cheese Fries Recipe from Rachael Ray
We made this recipe on "Kids Make Dinner Night." We left out the ketchup because Mom doesn't like ketchup but it was a little dull without it.

Stack It On a Cracker
Try this simple kids' recipe. And lunch is served...by the kids...to you.

Red and White Tortellini
This super simple recipe uses just four ingredients and takes just five minutes to put together.

Kids Recipes for Little Cooks
From Stephanie Gallagher, About.com Guide to Cooking for Kids: Try these 10 recipes out with your kids.

Goldfish in the Pond Rice Cakes
From Stephanie Gallagher, About.com Guide to Cooking for Kids: Kids snacks can be healthy and fun to prepare, too. In fact, these Goldfish in the Pond snacks are one of my favorite healthy snacks for kids, because the kids can do everything themselves.

Baking with Children Recipes and Tips
From About.com's Desserts/Baking Guide, this is a collection of easy recipes and some kitchen tips for kids

Top Ten No-Bake Cookie Recipes
No bake cookies are ideal for warm weather and kids because you don't use the oven. Once instructed on the basics of cooking, kids can make most of these top 10 no bake cookie recipes.

Peanut Butter Goo
This is a gooey snack made with peanut butter, yogurt, cereal and coconut.

English Muffin Pizzas
Kids can do all the prep work and then mom or dad pops it in the oven.

Desserts Kids Can Make
Ive selected these desserts kids can make from across the About.com network. When I saw the words boil, broil, bake, etc., I moved on to another recipe. However, that doesnt mean kids dont need kitchen safety lessons before embarking on cooking projects. These are desserts kids can make themselves once theyve learn some kitchen basics.

Parfait Recipes for Kids
Kids love parfaits, and better yet, kids can make parfaits. These parfait recipes for kids are an independent activity kids can do while you work that end with a cool summer treat. None of these parfait recipes for kids involve any work on the stovetop, just a lot of layering.

Making lemonade is both an activity and a treat for kids. This lemonade...
Making lemonade is both an activity and a treat for kids. This lemonade recipe for kids is something kids can do on their own because there is no boiling.

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