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Work-at-Home Physician Jobs


Below are some specific companies that hire work-at-home physicians. However, overall the outlook for work-at-home physician jobs isn’t as good as some other medical jobs from home. The education, experience and mindset required to become a physician mean that the pay scale and responsibility level of many work-at-home jobs simply isn’t enough. Many physicians who choose to work at home, do so for personal life-balance reasons and work in part-time positions.

For those looking for a full-time nonclinical physician job that can be telecommuted, your best bet is probably to contact a healthcare recruiter.

In addition to the companies below, if you are an MD or have a PhD in a medical field, another option for working at home is as an online college faculty member or subject matter expert. For more information, read about online teaching jobs.

About.com Health Channel

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About.com contracts with more than 600 guides who are experts in their fields to write online content from home. They are paid a minimum of $675/month to start. However, compensation increases with page view growth. Nurses and physicians are often hired as Guides in the Health Channel; additionally a medical review board that oversees content works remotely.


This major insurance company hires nurses and physicians to work from home. While some positions are specifically designed for telework, in others telework opportunities will be considered. Search jobs database with keyword "telework."

American Well

Boston-based company, which offers telehealth consultations, online practices, clinical collaboration and medical mobile apps to patients, providers and employers, hires MDs and RNs.


This U.S.-based biopharmaceutical development services company, or a contract research organization, has preclinical and clinical research operations in more than 25 countries and more than 10,000 employees worldwide. It hires clinical research associates to work from home and physicians as medical directors in specific locations in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Use "home-based" to search its jobs database.


Some of the work-at-home positions in this major health care company have geographic requirements. Most are for registered nurses but it sometimes has opportunities for medical coders, chart auditors, licensed insurance reps, accountants, physicians, writers and sales people.


The nation's largest health care services company, McKesson specializes in pharmaceutical distribution and health care IT systems and software. It hires nurses and physicians in nonclinical work-at-home jobs.


Providing continuing medical education (CME), this company develops peer-reviewed, case-based, medical education initiatives for physicians, students and other health care practitioners. Remote Medical International The "remote" in the name of Seattle-area company refers to faraway places, not necessarily working at home. However, the company does have a telemedicine department and some other telecommuting jobs.

Professional Dynamics Inc. (PDI)

Medical work at home jobs include: Nurses, physicians Case Management California-based company provides service in the workers compensation industry, and to first- party medical and employee benefit sectors. Some nurse case manager and physician peer review positions are telecommuting.

Virtual Medical Group

Board certified physicians connect with patients via videoconferencing, telephone, and Internet chat, consulting with and possibly writing prescriptions for patients in the states in which they are licensed.

vRad, Inc.

This company, formerly known as Virtual Radiologic Teleradiology Services, is a provider of teleradiology services and solutions.It hires radiologists to work from home. Requirements include ABR or ABOR certification, hold at least one state license, eligible for hospital credentialing and available high-speed internet access. Full medical liability insurance is provided.
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