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Can an LPN Work at Home?


The short answer is: Yes, an LPN can work at home, just about anyone can.

But the long answer is: It is very hard to find a work-at-home position specifically for an LPN. Being licensed as an RN, and sometimes earning a BSN, is usually needed to obtain work-at-home nursing jobs in telehealth and case management. (Read more here:  Work at Home in Nursing.) However, being a licensed practical nurse (LPN) is an additional credential that can help open doors when looking for telecommuting work, just not necessarily in nursing.


How to Work at Home as an LPN


Because the type of work an LPN does is typically hands-on, the specifics of an online job will be quite different than an on-site LPN’s job. However, the medical background and the people skills an LPN has can give him or her an edge in other medical-related work at home jobs.


Medical Coding

Medical coding is one way that an LPN can leverage on-site experience into an online job. Insurance companies as well as medical BPOs (companies that outsourcing to insurance companies and medical offices) hire remote medical coders. But be careful because these jobs, along with medical billing jobs, can be the bait in work-at-home scams. Also formal training and/or certification also may be needed. (However, online training is another avenue for scammers.) But experience in coding along with LPN licensure may be enough; for example, UnitedHealth Group hires LPNs as coders.

See a list of medical coding jobs.

Medical Billing

Similar to medical coding, medical billing is another possible work-at-home opportunity for an LPN. However, unlike coders, medical billers are more likely to be working in their own home businesses. Companies do hire remote medical billers, but experienced medical billers may set up their own businesses and have medical offices as clients. Remember, though, this is for "experienced" medical billers. If you are starting out, you may need to gain more experience on-site before you can establish a medical billing home business. Also, even more than medical coding, this is a field rife with a scams.

Medical Call Centers

Most of the call medical center jobs that involve direct contact with patients, such as telephone triage, require an RN or BSN. However, there are some medical-related customer service positions available for LPNs and others with medical backgrounds. The patient skills and the medical knowledge of an LPN can be assets in these jobs.

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Insurance companies hire in a wide range of medical jobs, including jobs for physicians, nurses, medical coders and billers. As mentioned above, LPNs can often make the transition to medical coders and billers. Insurance firms tend to be telecommute-friendly companies so there may be other opportunities for LPNs as well.

See list of work-at-home insurance jobs.

Medical Transcription

The familiarity with medical terms that an LPN has is definitely a plus in medical transcription, but fast, accurate typing skills are just as important. While there are certification and training programs for medical transcriptionists, which may significantly increase your marketability for a job, these are not absolutely required.

See list of medical transcription jobs.

For those from outside the United States, LPN (or in California and Texas licensed vocational nurse LVN) is equivalent to registered practical nurse (RPN) in Canada, enrolled nurse (EN) or division 2 nurses in Australia and New Zealand and state enrolled nurse (SEN) in the United Kingdom. Similar opportunities to work at home may be available in these and other countries.
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