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Legal Transcription


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Legal transcription is converting audio dictation by legal professionals and other recordings from legal cases into the printed word. Like medical transcription, which transcribes a physician’s dictated notes, this type of transcription requires specialized knowledge of terms used in the field. However, unlike medical transcription, formal certification is not required, but experience and/or education in the legal profession as well as fast and accurate typing are essential. The types of material a legal transcriptionist might transcribe include recordings of hearings, interviews, and depositions; dictation by legal professionals, and sometimes written documents such as handwritten communications, notes or other legal documents.

Legal transcription is not the same as court reporting. Court reporting is a form of realtime transcription, meaning words are transcribed as they are spoken live—not from a recording. Court reporters must undergo certification.

Work-at-home angle: Legal transcription is frequently done from home. Legal transcriptions may work for legal services companies, government agency or law firms as employees or as independent contractors. Like most work-at-home positions, employers and clients usually desire experience working on-site before allowing a home-based work.

See list of companies with home transcription jobs, many of which offer legal transcription jobs.

Also Known As: legal transcribing

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