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Legal Jobs - Work at Home Jobs in the Legal Profession

Many legal jobs can be done from home. You'll find everything from a telecommuting lawyer to paralegals as work at home professionals. However, those jobs often transition from the office to a telecommuting position. However, transcriptionists, online jurors and scopists routinely work from home.

Work-at-Home Job Company Profile: Intuit
Intuit, a major financial software maker, hires tax attorneys as work at home tax advisors for TurboTax.

Home Transcription Jobs
This list of companies hiring for home transcription jobs includes general, corporate, financial and legal transcription jobs. Medical transcription jobs are listed separately as are data entry jobs.

What Is a Scopist?
Scopists practice a very specialize form of data entry for court reporters. Scopists review, edit and proofread court transcripts produced by a court reporter, essentially converting the machine shorthand used by court reporters into a clean transcript.

Online Juror FAQ
Some may wonder if work as an online juror is just another work at home scam. No, it isn't. you can make money as an online juror. But as with most any work from home jobs, when searching for online juror jobs, you do need to be on the look out for work at home scams.

Online Jury Companies
Find a job on an online jury and pick up some extra cash for weighing in with your opinion. Sign up up with these online jury companies. For more information about how online juries work, see this online juror FAQ .

Legal Transcription
Legal transcriptionist can work from home, but not every transcriptionist can break in to this field quickly. Find out what it takes.

Real-Time Transcription
Can court reporting experience be turned into a work-at-home job? Find out in this description of realtime transcription.

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