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Children's Audio Books

These audiobooks will keep kids busy but constructively engaged while mom works.


We listen to a lot of audio books in our house. They keep kids of all ages occupied while I work in a way I feel good about. I prefer longer books or CDs that include several books, so it takes multiple sittings to hear the whole thing. This builds kids' attention spans, making them feel the same urge to get back to a good book that we feel when reading.

These are some of our favorite audio books. I'll admit these are not the most unusual or cutting edge choices. There are tons of choice in children's literature today. Our favorites do tend to be the standards. But standards become standards because they are good.

Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

We love Harry Potter. Both our oldest child, my husband and I have read all seven books. And so to bring the younger two kids into the family's Harry Potter fan club, we began listening to them on CD audio books.

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Junie B. Jones Series

Kids love Junie B. Jones. I'm sure some adults do too; I just don't happen to be one of them. However, these audio books (aimed at ages 4-8) allowed my daughter to immerse herself in this series before she could read and without my help. The narrator certainly does Junie justice. All her mispronunciations and grammatical mistakes are there, adding to Junie's "charm."

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Dr. Seuss Books

Get these audio books for your preschooler, and you may find the whole family listening. The beauty of Dr. Seuss is that everyone can enjoy his rhyming stories. And the stars come out to read Dr. Seuss.

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The Invention of Hugo Cabret

by Brian Selznick

The tale of an orphan boy in 1930's Paris is mostly told in this Caldecott-winning novel through intricate black-and-white illustrations. The pictures focus on one element then pan to another, much like a movie. Every so often, a few pages of text supplement with details of the boy's quest to rebuild a mechanical man. The audiobook comes with a DVD featuring a visual tour of book illustrations hosted by the author.
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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

by James Rollins

I had no idea that there was a book to this movie (let alone an audio book) until my son took this one out of the library. This one will hook reluctant boys on the fun of listening to audio books.
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Another good option for finding audio books is Audible.com and other downloadable book sites. Members of Audible earn free books every month. We joined for a while until the number of free books we learned got ahead of what we were listing to. But it was easy enough to cancel until we got caught up.
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