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Fashion Design Games and Toys for Kids


Do your girls (or boys) have a fascination with fashion? Then let fashion toys tap into that passion to entertain and educate them (not to mention keep busy while mom is working). While fashion toys are often not considered educational, they do inspire the imagination. And creativity feeds learning. That is what play is all about.

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Learn To Dress Monkey


Let’s start at the very beginning for fashion toys. This Learn to Dress Monkey from Alex Toys teaches kids some very basic but important fine motor skills. And before kids are ready for to learn those skills, it’s just a very loveable pal. With 11 dressing activities, kids can learn to snap, button, hook and loop, zipper and more. See more toys for toddlers.

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Dress-Up Costumes

Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Costume
Once kids are big enough to button and zipper up, let them practice on themselves. A well-stocked costume box is a must for a work at home mom. Choose wisely at Halloween and you can build that box with these costumes that get worn again as well as costume hats. Or if your child likes to dress up as a specific character, try these popular kids costumes.

Rapunzel Styling Head

Girls love to do mom's hair, but sometimes mom needs to work. So, instead of getting your hair done by your little stylist wannabe, let your child try out new hairdos on a styling head first. This particularly styling head is inspired by Rapunzel in Disney's animated feature film, Tangled. This fashion toy includes color change makeup and hair accessories inspired by the movie.

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Melissa & Doug Abby & Emma Deluxe Magnetic Dress-Up

These are a bit like the modern version of paper dolls, except a lot more durable and a lot more fun. These play sets feature wooden magnetic dolls with stands plus plenty of clothing and accessory pieces that can be mixed and matched.

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Harumika Fashion Show and Go Sets Magical Nights

This is a clever fashion toy that encourages imagination. Kids wrap the mini mannequins in various bits of fabric to create new layered fashion designs. The sets come with coordinated bits of fabric but kids can use scraps from around the house to supplement. Sequins and other accessories add a touch of glamor.

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Project Runway Fashion Design Projector Kit

Encourage your little one to let out her inner fashionista with this projector design set. Kids can design their own outfits by projecting fashions onto a model sketch pad then trace, color and embellish them.
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SmartLab Fashion Studio

A LED-powered light tablet is the base for this fashion design studio toy. Kids can take simple clothing forms and customize them with colors, patterns and textures It includes an acetate model, 101 clothing and accessory clings, 10 colored pencils and sketch paperplus fashion facts, illustration techniques, fabric, color and accessories.
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Last but certainly not least is the iconic Barbie. This girl sets the standard for fashion toys. And though many other dolls and products have come along for kids that like clothes, Barbie is a great starting point, even though small hands can find it difficult to get the clothes on and off. So for a while clothes are secondary. But when kids start collecting and using Barbie clothes, this trunk is a good way to keep them (at least a little) organized. If you have a Barbie fan, maybe think about getting her a dollhouse too.

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