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Kids' Activities and Family Fun

The whole point of working from home is to spend more time with your family. So have some fun! Find enjoyable pursuits for the whole family plus independent activities for kids while you're working.
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No School Today! What’s a Parent to Do?
When today's a no school day, what can a working parent do? Well, it depends. See seven scenarios for non-school days.

Good Toys for The WAHM's Toy Box
What qualifies a plaything as a "good toy"? A toy that engages kids and inspires imagination and doesn't need lots of adult supervision. That's a good toy in my book. Find them here.

7 Ideas for Indoor Fun for Kids
Some days you can't get out with the kids, but that doesn't mean they can't have fun. These 7 activities will keep them busy and happy.

How Parents and Kids Save Money Together
Sometimes saving money means spending more time. And for a busy mom, that isn’t always a good exchange. But remember the whole family helps spend the money, right? So ask for help. When kids save money along with you, you’ll also save time. And saving money teaches valuable skills and lessons to kids. Save money with these tips for kids of all a

Things to Do on Winter Break
School winter break, to kids, sounds like it should be a winter wonderland of fun. But problem is, many of us parents have to work while the kids are on winter break. And that could mean too much TV for the kids or added child care costs during winter break. And even if we can take time off, that doesn’t guarantee family fun…at least not without...

Family Spring Break Activities
The right family spring break activities can be the difference between a week that's a blast or a bust for your family. Spring break Looks a little different for every family depending on dates, kids' ages and work schedules. With two work-at-home parents in our family, spring break is a team effort for mom and dad. We plan activities for the...

Teaching Kids Cooking With "Kids Make Dinner Night"
But you know what they say about teaching a man to fish, right? So I'm teaching my kids to cook. Kids Make Dinner Night is my attempt to teach my kids cooking and working in a team in small, weekly doses.

Independent Activities for Kids
Independent play is an important skill for all kids, but children of work-at-home moms, in particular, should be able to find their own fun. A work-at-home mom needs a repertoire of independent activities for kids.

School Snow Day Activities
These are some snow day activities kids will remember!

Snow Day Fun - What Do You Do for Snow Day Fun?
Though stressful for parents, school snow days are special for kids. They are the stuff of lasting childhood memories. Intentionally or not, families often develop snow day traditions, like sledding or playing board games or making cookies. What are your family's snow day traditions?

Let the Kids Help
When working from home, you can use all the help you can get, right? So let the kids help out with your job or business wherever possible. As kids grow and gain new skills, parents must recognize when kids are ready for more responsibilities and privileges. Think of ways to encourage your kids to help both at home and, if possible, at work.

Indoor Play for Active Kids
Kimberly L. Keith, About.com's Guide to Parenting K-6, has a few ideas for how kids can burn off energy indoors.

Ten Old-Fashioned Ways to Have Fun
Don't let the grandparents have all the fun! Susan Adcox, About.com's Guide to Grandparents, has ten suggestions for "old-fashioned" fun (you know, the kind of things you did as a kid). But there's no reason parents can't enjoy these activities with their kids too.

Kids and Household Chores
Kids always want to gain more privileges ("Mom, can I have a cell phone?"), but when it comes to responsibilities, like household chores, well, they'll just as soon opt out. Household chores are rarely met with enthusiasm. But in the long run we're doing our kids a disservice if we don't teach them how to take care of household chores. And in...See submissions

How Much Is Too Much TV for Kids?
Do you let your kids watch TV while you are working? If yes, how much is too much TV? If not, why not?

Indoor Activities for Kids
Whether it's a rainy day or a snow day or just a busy day for parents, kids sometimes have to entertain themselves inside. These indoor activities for kids are just what a work-at-home mom needs.

Find Summer Reading Programs
Summer reading programs at the local library are a great way to get kids to read during summer vacation--something work-at-home moms love to see kids do. But library summer reading programs are just one of many options, so dont stop there. There are a variety of free summer reading programs--whether in the form of a club, contest, sweepstakes...

Free (and Nearly Free) Family Films This Summer
Take the kids to the movies this summer and save money too. Find free family films in your city.

Kids' Writing Activities
Try these kids writing activities to get your children to practice writing skills in a fun way this summer.

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