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Work-at-Home Company Profile: AT&T


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Company Description:

Among Fortune’s Top 500 Global companies, this telecommunications corporation, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, employs 267,000.

AT&T sells products and services that make telecommuting possible, but does it let its employees telecommute? In 2010 for 12,000 of its employees, the answer is yes. While that is a large number, keep in mind it is only 5 percent of the workforce, though the company "has provided mobile and remote access technologies to more than 130,000 employees that allow them to work from a variety of locations."

The company’s telecommuting program has hit bumps along the way (e.g., a contraction of the telecommuting program in 2007), but 12,000 people working from home still qualifies it as telecommute friendly.

AT&T actively recruits retired military personnel and military spouses and was named one of the Top 100 Military Friendly Employers by G.I. Jobs in 2011.

Because of its large telecommuting workforce AT&T is named one of my as one of my top major corporations for telecommuting. See full list of Top Telecommuting Companies.

Pay and Benefits:

Pay varies with position.

AT&T offers an array of benefits for full-time employees, which may include medical, dental and vision, 401(k), paid time off, tuition reimbursement, life insurance, discounts on AT&T products and services, flexible spending accounts, adoption assistance, leave of absence and more.

Using AT&T’s Employment Page:

AT&T Employment Website

AT&T’s jobs website does not make it easy to located a telecommuting position. Because of the nature of its business providing technology used in telecommuting, a search with the keyword “telecommute” can bring up positions that are not telecommuting.

More Information About AT&T:

According to the company's website, a 2010 survey of 11,000 employees revealed some interesting information about AT&T's telecommuters:
  • 98 percent of supervisors agree that telecommuters are effective at communicating and meeting their goals, while 96 percent would say the same about collaborating and 97 percent agree that they can managing their time.
  • 92 percent of AT&T telecommuters say telecommuting helps achieve a balance between work and home life.
  • 63 percent say they enjoy flexibility in their schedule on days they telecommute.
  • 94 percent of telecommuters acknowledged that the average of 54 minutes saved in commuting time was given back to the company as additional productive time.


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