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Home Office Basics

While an office for a work-at-home mom could be a laptop on the kitchen table, most WAHMs require more structure and privacy than that. Figure out what kind of office you need to set the stage for a successful work-from-home career.
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Home Office Chairs for Every Budget
Some of us sit in our home office chairs all day. Some of us don't. Find the chair that fits your budget and your body.

Submit Your Home Office Tips and Pictures
What are your home office tips? But don't just tell me. Show me! Submit pictures of your home office and tell me why the space works for you. I will then publish a gallery of the collected photos for all of us to browse for home office ideas. See submissions

Green Home Office - Tips for Creating a Green Office at Home
While telecommuting is undoubtedly an eco-friendly style of working, there's no reason to just stop there. Creating a green home office can help protect the environment and save you a little green. How did you create a green home office?

Tips for the Eco-Friendly Office in Your Home
Sure, telecommuting is eco-friendly. Office-bound workers pour pollutants into the atmosphere, while the telecommuters trek to the office usually only means a few steps. But telecommuting still uses energy and consumes goods, and so even a telecommuter can make a special effort to create an eco-friendly office at home. These tips for creating a...

Equipment for the Part-Time Telecommuter
Do part-time telecommuters really need the same things in their home offices full-time work-at-home folks? a Find out what the part-time telecommuter really needs and doesn't need.

4 Free Online Office Tools
Free online office software and tools (sometimes referred to as office 2.0) are web-based tools similar to the pricey software you’ll find in Microsoft Office productivity suite. The free online office tools may be single tools or productivity suites that include word processors, spreadsheets, database creators and presentation software. Not...

How to Buy Netbook Computers
Work at home moms mulling whether to buy netbook computers in addition to laptops and/or desktops may have a tough time of it when times are tight. These handy mini laptops can be dead useful when you’re constantly on the go, but they won’t cover all your computing needs. But if you’ve made up your mind and are ready to buy, netbook comparison...

5 Things You Can Do to Organize Your Home Office
Full home office organization is a big job. It tends to be overwhelming at first glance (and even the second and third). If you're not quite ready for a full makeover but desperately need more home office organization, here are five small manageable things you can do to organize your home office right now.

Netbooks for Work at Home Moms
The small size (and small price tag) of today’s netbook may have a work at home mom hankering for a mini laptop small enough to pop in her purse. But before you invest in a netbook, think about how you might use it.

Should You Take the Home Office Deduction?
If you work from home and you meet the requirements to take a home office deduction, it might seem like a no-brainer to take the deduction on your federal income taxes. But be careful. A home office deduction is not always in everyone's best interest.

All-in-One Printer Fax Scanner Copier
For most work-at-home moms, an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax is a useful tool for both the home and family offices, and the Epson WorkForce 600 is an excellent choice.

Home Call Center Office Requirements
Companies that hire work-at-home agents to staff call centers for in-bound or outbound telephone customer service have different requirements for office equipment and space. As a general guide, these are some of the technical requirements for a home-based call center.

WAHM Tip: Children's Toys in the Office
Have a stash of things for kids to do when they are in your office, so they aren't looking to you for entertainment. Some ideas include...

Determining If Your Home Is Zoned for Business
When starting a home-based business, you must first determine if you can legally operate a business from your house. Local zoning laws may restrict the type of business, if any, allowed in a neighborhood.

What's Wrong With A Messy Desk?
For some people maybe nothing, for others everything. Find the style that is right for you.

Planning Your Home Office
Before you jump right in and start rearranging the furniture, sit down and think about what you need in a home office. About.com's Guide to Home Business takes you step by step through the planning process.

Make Your Home Office Safe for Children
Your office should be safe for children from day one. Use these childproofing tips from About.com's Guide to Mobile Office Technology.

Calendars and Organizers for Work-at-Home Moms
When work and home are in the same place, a combined calendar makes sense. Some moms my prefer a personal organizer while other just use the family calendar.

Organize Your Home Office
Dena Pasis, About.com's Guide to Personal Organizing, offers a step-by-step guide with pictures.

Free Online Software for the Office
The typical office productivity suite could cost hundreds of dollars, and if you're stating a work-at-home business money is probably tight. Daniel Nations, About.com's Guide to Web Trend, outlines some of the free options out there.

Setting Up a Home Office
About.com's Guide to Interior Decorating teaches you how to set up a home office on a shoestring budget.

5 Ways to Save Money on Printer Ink Cartridges
Buying printer ink cartridges can get expensive. And if you have to print often for your home business, it becomes a frequent expenditure too. But there are several things you can do to minimize the cost of printer ink cartridges. Try these 5 tips for saving money on printer ink cartridges.

How to Save on Paper
When it comes to paper, don’t just recycle--reduce and reuse too. This will save on paper and printing costs. Keep in mind that every time you use the printer you are not just spending money on paper but on toner and ink too. So when you save on paper you save on printer cartridges too. And in all you also create a more eco-friendly home...

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