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Make the Most of the Holiday Season

Thrive this holiday season!


Used to be Thanksgiving was the kick off of the holiday season, and we all sprinted from Turkey Day through New Year’s Day with stops at Hanukkah, Christmas and/or Kwanzaa depending on your traditions. Now, it seems, the holiday season starts at Halloween (though fortunately it still stops at New Year’s…whew!).

Is the holiday season just too much of a good thing? I say no, but it may take more planning and stamina than it once did.

And when you work at home, so much of this planning likely falls on you. Here are a few tips to keep you on track and having fun this holiday season.

Celebrating the Holiday Season

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First and foremost, the holiday season is supposed to be about celebrating. Don’t let that important aspect get lost in all the work the season demands. Nurture relationships and family traditions. These are the moments when family lore is created and memories made. Even Christmas decorating disasters may someday be the stuff of family legends.

More Holiday Fun:

Working During the Holiday Season

Working during the Christmas Holidays
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The holiday season is when memories are made, so we’d probably all like to work less and make good memories with our families. Problem is, the holiday season is at the end of the year when many businesses have a flood of work before New Year’s. Plus we may need to work extra to pay for the holiday fun. So the holiday season can require a real balancing act.

About.com’s Guide to Management has some great ideas about managing the holiday season. While his article is aimed at managers, many of his ideas for prioritizing, planning and rewarding staff will work for all of us in our professional lives.

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Managing Home During the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is a lot like juggling. I know that's not too encouraging because juggling sounds hard. But juggling is a skill that people can learn. It is a series of smoothly executed actions--not a big rush of activity at the last minute. Like a juggler, know how many balls you can safely have in the air. Organize your shopping, watch your budget, plan some holiday fun, choose do-able holiday meals, and you’ll be fine. That’s not too many balls, right?

Juggling in the Holiday Season:

Holiday Season Shopping

Shopping can be an unpleasant task or a fun activity for the holiday season. For some, it’s definitely one or the other, but for many it's a little of both. Whatever your view of shopping, you’ll enjoy it more (maybe just because it’s over faster) if you organize and simplify holiday shopping. Make a list and stick to it until you’re done.

Holiday Gift Ideas:

Holiday Season Decorating

Holiday decorating should be part of the family fun, not an extra job. Before you get started holiday decorating with kids, check that you have everything you need and that all the lights work. If you took the time last year to organize your holiday decorations and you're ready to go, give yourself a pat on the back. If not, get organized before the kids start ripping things out of your already messy boxes!

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