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New Year's Resolutions for the Whole Family


Ah...New Year's resolutions.  We make them, break them, and remake them next year. Doesn’t it always seem like this is how it goes with New Year’s resolutions? Well, it doesn’t have to. The key to making New Year’s resolutions stick is choosing the right resolution and making a plan for achieving your goal.

Making New Year's Resolutions

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Some New Year’s resolutions are positive (“I will read with my child every night.”), while others are about cutting out a negative (“I will not yell at the kids.”). But either way, they are about improvement. And while setting well defined, doable goals is key to successful New Year’s resolutions, focusing too narrowly on one particular behavior doesn’t necessarily bring the desired improvement.

If by not yelling you are ignoring the kids' fighting without teaching kids to resolve conflict, it's a hollow victory. Or if you rush through a five-minute story at the end of the day to meet your daily reading goal, will this really instill a love of reading in your child?

Making realistic resolutions while still setting your sights on larger end goals is a tricky balance. Scroll down for resources to help you make (and keep) the right resolutions for you and your family.

Keeping New Year's Resolutions

We all know that good intentions make great paving stones, right? So how do we keep on the right road and not the one littered with our good intentions. Examining why we break New Year's resolutions is an important step in figuring out how to get what you want out of the New Year. Try these tips for keeping New Year's resolutions.

Sometimes the problem is our intentions; they can just be too good. Be wary of making extreme resolutions for exercising or anything else. Also manage your stress in regard to New Year's and show your young adults how to keep a New Year’s resolutions. The idea of New Year's resolution is to improve life--not cause stress.

New Year's Resolutions for Kids


The Baby New Year is a symbol of fresh beginnings--one with no bad habits to change. But none of us stay perfect forever, even kids can set some goals for the New Year. In fact, it can be a fun part of a New Year's Eve celebration for kids. (Use this New Year's printable for kids' resolution-making.) But don't let the kids get carried away or too stressed about resolutions.

More Ideas on New Year's Resolutions

Of course, New Year’s resolutions are a very personal thing. Usually you can’t just pick one off a list. But if you see yours below click on it for more resources to get going.

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