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Find Last Minute Halloween Costumes in the Dress-Up Box

Think of kids’ costume accesories as an investment in imaginative play.


Many kids’ Halloween costumes get only one good use, but so often the costume accessories (e.g., hats, wings, glasses) that come with those costumes get pulled out of the dress-up box all year. So when you're stumped for a last minute Halloween costume, turn to the costume box.

Costume accessories for kids can be mixed and matched for crazy dress-up fun or another  easy Halloween costume. (One year my daughter won a radio station's costume contest with a get-up obviously mined from the costume box: a kitty-angel-princess.) A nice supply of costume accessories also come in handy when a child suddenly changes his mind about his Halloween costume and want to create a new one on October 30th!

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Costume Accessories

Let your fairy wannabe take flight in these iridescent wings (Shop Now) this Halloween. Wings are one of those costume accessories that you can use at Christmas too if you need a quick angel costume for a Christmas pageant.

Possible uses: butterfly, angel, fairy, pixie, Tinkerbell, ladybug

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Costume Accessories

Have your little caped crusader try this cape (Shop Now) on for size. With this costume accessory, maybe he or she will become a magician or a vampire for Halloween.

Possible uses: Darth Vader, Grim Reaper, vampire, witch, Harry Potter, magician, Renaissance man/woman, king, queen, Sherlock Holmes

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Girls Tutus - Costume Accessories

If your child has been in dance class, you may have a few of tutus in the costume box already. You can also pick them up a thrift stores sometimes too. If not, these simple tutus in a variety of colors (Shop Now) might fit the bill for many Halloween costume ideas.

Possible uses: fairy, ballerina, princess

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Costume Accessories for Kids

The right costume hat can really make the costume. Browse these hats for costumes that range from Indiana Jones to Abe Lincoln.

Possible uses: at least a million costumes!


Kids' Costume Accessories

Every girl needs a tiara! And this one (Shop Now) has combs to keep it in place because there's nothing like a wayward tiara to ruin a kid's regal fantasy.

Possible uses: princess, fairy, Cleopatra, ballerina

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Costume Accessories - Crowns

There’s a little bit of royalty in every kid. This crown (Shop Now) will make your child feel like a prince or princess. Just don’t let them get the idea you’re a serf!

Possible uses: prince, princess, king, knight, Cleopatra, Magi or wise man

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Kids' Costume Accessories - Glasses

Glasses are one of the most versatile costume accessories. This pair of glasses (Shop Now) might make a costume for Harry Potter, John Lennon or Ben Franklin. Try some rad sunglasses for a rock star or movie actor.

Possible uses: Harry Potter, rock star, movie actor, hippie, Groucho Marx

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Costume Accessories

I’m not talking bath robes here (although you might use as a costume accessory in a pinch). Depending on the color, long robes can transform a kid into anything from a saint to a Sith.

Possible uses: Jedi (or Sith), kung fu master, monk, priest, shepherd, bible characters, saints, King Tut, Cleopatra, angel, wizard

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Beards Costume Accessories

A fake beard (Shop Now) might be the finishing touch on a caveman costume or an important costume accessory to make Abe Lincoln come to life.

Possible uses: wizard, Merlin, Santa, biblical characters, caveman, Abraham Lincoln, pirate, hippie

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Costume Accessories

They say a mustache makes the man. This costume mustache (Shop Now) will make your little man into a cowboy or a detective or whatever his imagination comes up with.

Possible uses: cowboy, detective, Groucho Marx

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Costume Accessories for Children

This Hannah Montana wig (Shop Now) might be the rage this Halloween, but next year it might make the perfect princess costume. That is the beauty of costume accessories! These things change quickly with kids. And that’s why wigs are great; they’re flexible.

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Face Paint or Make Up

Children's Costume Accessories

A good collection of face paint (Shop Now) is one of the most important costume accessories. It  can make a kitty costume extra cute or a zombie super scary.

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