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Christmas Gift Ideas by Person

Stumped for some good Christmas gift ideas? Look here for a parent's gift guide.


Christmas Gift
Parents are rarely stumped for Christmas gift ideas for their own kids. How could they be with hints dropping like needles from the tree? It's coming up with Christmas gift ideas for everyone else that's tough.

The first step in organizing your holiday shopping is to make a list. Not of a list Christmas gift ideas, but make a list of Christmas gift recipients. Once you have a list of people that you want to treat with gifts, then let the Christmas gift ideas flow. And you'll easily see where you might consolidate purchases and save time.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Your Children
Probably your biggest expenditure for the holidays. And they've likely given you some idea of what they'd like, but here are some general gift lists for kids to get you started. But particularly when you work at home, you need good toys that promote independent play. Things like audio books and wordless books are great but don’t forget good old-fashioned toys that promote imaginative play, like train sets and construction toys.

Your Children’s Friends
You may not see the need for gifts for your children’s friends, but your kids may see things differently, especially as they become tweens or teens. Even if your child has his or her own money to spend on friends, guess who may have to actually do the shopping. Here are some ideas for inexpensive gifts for teen and tween boys and girls. Plus you can always pick up a gift card.

Nieces, Nephews and Young Cousins
If young relatives are close to your kids’ ages, finding these kids gifts is much easier. Sometimes you might purchase two of something, one for your child and one for a relative. But no matter their ages, it’s probably best to talk to their parents to find out what they like and what they already have. If you must mail these gifts, keep that in mind. Gift cards mail nicely, and kids love them.

Kids' Gift Exchange or Grab Bag Gifts
It seems the number of gift exchanges in which you are required to participate increases in direct proportion to your child’s age. Generally for this kind of thing you need cheap gifts that are good for girls or boys, but in some instances, Boys Scouts or dance class, you’ll need a gender specific gift. And if cheap gifts are just too much check out these kids' gift exchange ideas for under $1.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults

Finding the right gift for your spouse can be tough, despite the fact that you know him best. Budget may be an issue, in which case think about gifts that you don't buy. These boyfriend and girlfriend gift ideas work great for spouses too. And don't forget about yourself. Drop hints, if necessary, about gifts for the work at home mom.

In-laws, Parents and Grandparents
Grandparents love to splurge on kids so don't forget to splurge right back. These are low cost ideas for gifts from kids to grandparents and these are good Christmas gift ideas from adults to grandparents (a.k.a Mom and Dad).

Friends, Siblings and Other Adult Relatives
Spending on this group probably varies more than any other. Often ideas for clients or teachers might be good for these folks as well.

Teachers, Babysitters, Coaches, etc.
Often deciding on a teacher gift is a group effort as everyone pitches in. But usually you still need a few ideas of your own about gifts for caregivers.

Clients and Coworkers
Whether you're in the market for impressive client gifts or budget corporate gifts, get these done early. And keep an eye out for items that would make good gifts for family as you do your work-related holiday shopping.

Secret Santa Gift Exchanges and Grab Bags
If you work at home you may very well escape the secret Santa gifts common in many offices. But there are always Chistmas parties and book clubs and the like. So check out these gift exchange ideas.

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