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Work-at-Home Moms: Getting Started


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Work-at-Home Moms: Decide if It's Right for You
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So you think that you want to join the ranks of successful work-at-home moms who make money while staying home, but you have some questions:

All good questions. (See more questions to ask before you start.) As work-at-home moms who've done it know, it's tough to go from working outside the home to a home-based job. Look here for a step-by-step plan for work-at-home moms who just getting started.

The first step to joining the ranks of successful work-at-home moms is not finding a job or starting a business. It is taking a long hard look at yourself, your family, your employer (if you have one) and your resume and deciding if being a work-at-home mom is what you want.

Think about whether you have the personality traits of work-at-home moms, what you'd like to gain from working from home and what you might have to give up. Then consider these:

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