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Increase Income by Working at Home


Getting a raise or finding a new job that pays more is perhaps the most obvious way to increase your income. Problem is, that is a lot easier said than done, particularly in tough economic times. In this situation, many people turn instead to starting a home business or working from home to increase their income.

So for the purpose of this article, we're simply going to cover how to increase your income by working at home. (See How to Ask for a Raise and Job Searching for more on those topics.)

However, getting started working at home isn't necessarily easy either. Often it takes time for a home business to become profitable. And sometimes it's necessary to build up your savings before launching a home business.

Keep in mind the legitimate work-at-home opportunities that take the least amount of start-up time and money, often promise only a minimal amount of extra income (be wary of anything that promise a lot of money fast as it is like a work-at-home scam). However, these opportunities can be a good starting point for those moonlighting or stay-at-home moms looking to bring in some extra cash.

Here are a few quick, low-cost ways to make extra money from home:

For more long-term job or business ideas, consider some of these options:

If you're trying to increase your income because you want to build savings, keep in the mind the flip side of that is to reduce expenses.
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