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Home Transcription Jobs


This list of companies hiring for home transcription jobs includes many different types of transcription, e.g., general, corporate, financial and legal transcription jobs. Medical transcription jobs are listed separately as are data entry jobs.

For more about the differences in these jobs, read All About Online Data Entry Work and All About Home Transcription.


Company provides captioning, transcription and translation services and hires transcribers, real-time captioners, editors and translators to work at home and in its office in Orange County, CA. Transcription jobs pay $1-$1.50 per audio minutes; real time captioning $75/hour.

AccuTran Global

Transcribe conference calls, meetings and interviews for the financial sector in this Canadian company's home transcription jobs. It hires transcribers as independent contractor on a part-time basis. Pay ranges from $0.005 to $0.0066 per word. 70 WPM preferred for most jobs. Other jobs available include transcription reviewer, editor, real-time writer or captioner, formatter and supervisor. Hires in U.S., U.K. and Canada.

Alice Darling Audio Transcription Services

Boston-area company hires experienced transcriptionists to work from home or from its offices. Company's clients are in the fields of science, technology, academia, business, biotechnology, finance, medicine, film, advertising and the law. 70 WPM required for transcription jobs.

American High-Tech Transcription and Reporting

Firm offering transcription and translation services to government, law enforcement, corporations and other organizations hires both on-site and work-at-home transcriptionists. Applicants must pass and pay for FBI and state criminal background checks with fingerprints.

Cambridge Transcriptions

Massachusetts-based company hires experienced legal and corporate transcriptionists for part-time transcription jobs both on- and off-site.

Capital Typing

Outsourcing company based in South Carolina provides virtual office services. In addition to its data entry and transcription jobs from home, it offers online customer support, translation and secretarial services.

Clark Fork Communications

This company mostly hires experienced legal and corporate transcriptionists (though it does sometimes have basic data entry jobs). Legal transcription rate is $0.75 to $1.75 per page, and corporate ranges from $0.40 to $1.00 per audio minute. Must be a U.S. citizen. Background check may be required.

Cyber Dictate

Recruits U.S. citizens as independent contractors for transcription jobs. Minimum of 70 WPM and 2 years of experience required. Hires both legal and general transcriptionists.

DionData Solutions

Hires typists with a minimum of 60 wpm and basic computer skills for home transcription jobs. No fees.


Company hires work at home transcriptionists for legal and insurance-rated transcription jobs. Submit resume and company will contact applicants when it has openings. 60 WPM and knowledge of legal terms required.
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