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Work-at-Home Job Company Profile: DionData Solutions


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Data entry

Company Description:


Missouri-based data management firm DionData Solutions uses independent contractors to perform data entry from home, making it one of a fairly small number of legitimate work-at-home data entry companies in an industry filled with data entry scams.


Types of Work-at-Home Opportunities at DionData Solutions:


Data entry independent contractors at DionData enter data from images of documents, often handwritten ones such as applications. The work is compensated on a per-piece basis.


Applying to DionData Solutions:


The DionData Solutions website says it is accepting applications. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it is hiring. This message has not changed for years. Applications are accepted via email only. Though it says it can't respond to all applicants, the company encourages applicants to resubmit after 30 days. Like Axion Data, another legit home data entry company, Dion Data likely keeps a list of possible contractors and hires as needed.

There are no fees to apply or for training.


Qualifications and Requirements:


DionData requires of its home data entry operators: 60 WPM accurate typing skills; basic computer skills, such as sending an receiving email with attachments, using the Internet, uploading and downloading files; the ability to work independently on multiple projects simultaneously; excellent communication skills--written and verbal.

Operators must provide and maintain their own desktop computer (dual monitors is a plus) and a high speed Internet connection (DSL or cable). U.S. citizenship and residency is required.


Pay and Benefits:


All data entry agents are hired as independent contractors, which means there are no benefits and no guarantee of minimum wage. In fact, home data entry jobs very often play less than the minimum wage, especially at the beginning before the data entry worker has developed enough familiarity with the process to work quickly. DionData pays its data entry operators on a per-piece basis, which is typical.



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