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Work-at-Home Job Company Profile: Axion Data Services


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Data entry

Company Description:


Pennsylvania-based data outsourcing firm Axion Data Services hires independent contractors to perform data entry for its clients. These jobs are performed off-site and usually from home, making the company one of a relatively small number of legitimate work-at-home data entry companies in an industry littered with data entry scams. However, the number of these jobs, especially in the United States, is very small--about 60 to 70.


Types of Work-at-Home Opportunities at Axion Data Services:


The data entry work that Axion offers is entering data from scanned images. Some of the types of data entry projects that Axion contractors work on are loyalty program applications, contest entries, advertising insertions, customer response cards, student records, product registrations and questionnaires.

Most of its operators work part time, 20-25 hours per week, but the amount of work available may vary. However, when an agent works those hours is usually flexible. Agents log on to Axion’s system, review available projects and choose which ones to do.


Qualifications and Requirements:


Basic computer skills, such as installing and removing software, creating new folders, sending email and using the Internet, are absolutely required. Additionally, accurate data entry skills and following instructions are important qualifications.

Operators must provide and maintain their own computer--either a Windows PC or Mac system--and a high speed Internet connection. Contractors must have either a telephone answering machine or voice mail. Contractors will have to download some free software and may be required to purchase software.

Successful applicants will have a clean criminal and must sign a confidentiality agreement.


Pay and Benefits:


All data entry agents are hired as independent contractors. This means there are no benefits and no guarantee of minimum wage. Read more about how and what data entry companies pay.

Axion Data pays its data entry operators on a per-piece basis, which varies based on the complexity of the project. For example in some projects, the data entered is small, and agents can input 2 to 4 forms per minute at a compensation rate ranging from 4 to 8 cents per form. This works out to a potential range of $4.80 to $19.20 per hour; though, keep in mind that earning the top number is unlikely because faster jobs likely have a lower rate. Other projects require 30 to 60 minutes per document, with compensation ranging from $5-9 per document (potentially $5 to $18 per hour).

Agents submit invoices for their work every two weeks and are paid 28 days later.


Applying to Axion Data Services:


The Axion Data Services website is pretty clear that it won’t likely have many jobs available. It says, “There are currently no openings for data entry operators; however, you may choose to register your information with us on the remote chance we may need a few people in the future.”

According to a paper* put out by its software provider, “Axion is unique among service bureaus in that their workforce is exclusively off-site. They have 70 active operators in the U.S. and several hundred under subcontract in India and China. In addition, they have a registry of over 15,000 operators across the U.S.”

So in the United States, there is potentially a waiting list of 15,000 for up to 70 jobs. Applicants in China or India may have better luck. However it appears those jobs are subcontracted, so a direct application to Axion may be ineffective if you live in China or India.

There are no fees to apply or register with Axion.

For more informationabout finding a home-based data entry jobs--such as likely salary and potential scams--read this article: Work at Home in Online Data Entry.



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