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Headphones Keyboard Transcription

Definition: Transcription is a specific kind of data entry that means turning oral language into written form. This means listening to an audio or video recording (or possibly live speech in realtime transcription) and then typing it as a written transcript. Transcriptionists usually use special software; however, in some forms of transcription word processing software like Microsoft Word can be used.

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Depending on the material being transcribed, different levels of interpretation are required. Sometimes the transcription must be exact while at other times transcriptionists must clean up grammatical errors or paraphrase.

There are many different types of transcription. Specialties include legal transcription, corporate transcription and medical transcription.

Work-at-home angle: Transcription can be a viable option for working from home. However, not all forms of transcription and all transcriptions jobs can be translated into a home-based position.

Also Known As: transcribing, typist, transcriptionist job, general transcription

Common Misspellings: transciption

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