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Aberdeen Captioning

Work-at Home Company Profile


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Company Description:

California-based family captioning business offers transcription services for video producers and broadcasters that go beyond captioning to areas such as digital file delivery, translation and voice dubbing.

Types of Work-at-Home Opportunities at Aberdeen Captioning:

Many of the positions (caption editors, sales exec, translators) listed on its website are at its in-house in its facilities in Orange County, CA; however, it does offer work-at-home jobs in:

  • Real-time captioning - Hires experienced freelance real-time captioners with speeds of 180-220 WPM for live captions or live-to-tape programming. Knowledge of Bible/Christian terminology is needed. Freelancers should have their own real-time, closed-captioning software, a back-up computer and three phone lines (one can be a cell). Pays up to $75 per hour.
  • Transcription - Hires transcriptionists for video clips. These jobs are very typical of the home typist jobs. You are required to have a foot pedal, transcription software professional headphones, and Windows media player installed. Excellent grammar and punctuation skills as well as knowledge of Christian terminology.  Pays $1-$1.50 per audio minute.

Applying to Aberdeen Captioning:

Go the Aberdeen Caption’s careers page and search through the job postings. Notice how they are color coded for “hiring,” “accepting applications” and “closed” and be sure to note wither they are work-at-home positions.

To apply, email your cover letter and resume to info@abercap.com, carefully following the application submission instructions in the posting. In the subject line write your name and the name of the position.  Aberdeen will only respond to applicants, it wants to move to the next level. It will not respond to calls from those who have not been contacted.

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