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Work-at-Home Company Profile: UnitedHealth Group


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Insurance, Health Care

Company Description:

Based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, health insurance company UnitedHealthcare Group is a Fortune 500 company (#21 in 2009) with 75,000 employees.

Types of Work-at-Home Positions:

More than 20 percent of this large health insurance company's employees take advantage of its telecommuting opportunities. UnitedHealth Group hires registered nurses for telecommuting positions as well as others with experience in the insurance industry. Many of the "work at home" nurse positions involve seeing patients in their homes but some are telephone-based positions.

Non-nursing positions that may be telecommute jobs include contract managers, Medicaid specialists, auditors, analysts, consultants and medical coders.


Using UnitedHealthcare's Employment Page:

UnitedHealth Group Website

Select "Yes" under the drop-down menu for "Telecommuter Positions" to find jobs eligible for telecommuting.


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