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Work-at-Home Company Profile: New Corp


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Extended Warranty Company

Company Description:

Based in Stirling, VA, NEW Corp. (pronounced N-E-W Corp) is a worldwide provider of extended service contracts and product protection programs. It hires both work-at-home and office-based call center agents to troubleshoot and provide customer service for its clients. The company's clients include Best Buy, Lowe's DirecTV, Walmart, GameStop, AT&T and Gateway.

Types of Work-at-Home Positions:

NEW Corp's virtual call center agents take only in-bound calls handling billing questions, customer service matters, some light sales but, most often, equipment troubleshooting. These are employment positions (not independent contracting). See more employment call center jobs.

Agents are employees that are paid $9-10/hour. Agents working at least 30 hours a week accrue paid time off. Schedules of 20-40 hours a week are available. Weekend and evening work is required. Training, which takes six weeks and may be done in person or virtually, is paid at the same hourly rate.

Applicants should have high school diploma or GED and six months of previous customer service experience (retail experience is OK). A high level of computer knowledge is required as well as typing speed of 30 WPM.

Work at home agents are required to provide their own computer, Internet, headset, and landline telephone service. There may be other required equipment purchases. See more of the typical office requirements for home call centers.

Applying to NEW Corp:

Previously, all of NEW Corp.'s work-at-home positions required in-person training at one of its trainings centers, so it only hired agents within 50 miles of those centers, which are in Albany, GA; Alexandria, LA; Bowling Green, KY; Carbondale, IL, Jacksonville, NC; and Tyler, TX. Now, some positions, working for its client DirecTV, can be trained virtually, which means it hires from across the U.S. (including Hawaii and Alaska). However, if you live within 50 miles of a training center you are required to do in-person rather than virtual training.

To apply go to NEW Corp's website. If you live within 50 miles of one of the training centers listed, click on that location; otherwise choose "Everywhere Else, USA." Submit an application.

What Happens Next:

If the recruiters are interested in your application, one will contact you for a short phone screening. If that goes well, he or she will schedule you for a phone interview. Applicants who do well in the interview will then be invited to a "pre-hire presentation." After this successful applicants will receive an offer, but must still pass a criminal background check. There are no applications fees.

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