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Work-at-Home Company Profile: HSN


Work-at-Home Company Profile: HSN


Retail sales

Company Description:

Based in St. Petersburg, FL, HSN (or Home Shopping Network) is a $3 billion company that specializes in direct-to-consumer sales via TV, online and mobile. It utilizes virtual call center agents as its customer service and sales staff.

As the company puts it on its website: "Since HSN invented 'shopping from home,' we figured we should lead the way in 'working from home.'"


Types of Work-at-Home Positions:


HSN offers part-time and full-time, work-at-home employment (not independent contractor) positions that are tied to a specific geographic location. Agents field in-bound calls and answer questions, upsell merchandise and complete sales transactions.

Full-time positions are 40 hours per week. Working weekends and holidays is mandatory, but employees receive two set days off per week. Work at home employees must be available to work on site once a month.


Pay and Benefits:

HSN jobs as home-based agents pay $10 per hour plus incentive opportunities. Training is paid.

Benefits for employees working at least 30 hours per week include health insurance, dental plans, vision care, life insurance, short- and long-term disability coverage, a retirement savings plan, employee-stock-purchase plan and discounts on HSN merchandise. Also the company allows employees two paid days per year to perform community service activities.




Applicants must be 18 years old with at least a high school level education. They need strong computer skills (Internet, Microsoft Windows and Outlook) and experience in sales or customer service. Some of the traits they need are attention to detail, follow through, organization, good communication skills and ability to please customers and generate excitement.

Agents are required to provide their own computer equipment (Windows desktop) and Internet service (DSL or cable). See more on typical home call center office requirements

HSN jobs from home are only for applicants living near Nashville, TN, Roanoke, VA, and St. Petersburg, FL. And there may be specific restrictions based on area code.


Applying to HSN:

You may upload a resume into the HSN careers system for you may fill out an online application manually.

After uploading or filling out an application, you will be asked to fill out a timed assessment questionnaire. It has 45 question, which HSN says will take about 30 minutes to complete. The questionnaire asks about flexibility in hours and scheduling and about personal traits such as organization, self-confidence, honesty, work ethic, stress levels, persuasiveness, and comfort with technology and sales, and it check skills such as matching numbers accurately, grammar and knowledge of computers (specifically Windows).

After filling out the application and assessment, you will be contacted for a phone interview if HSN deems your qualification a match.

HSN Careers Website

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