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Working at home does not necessarily mean you don’t need child care. Most work-at-home moms need to employ some child care help. But figuring out how much and what works best for your family, your career and your finances can be tough issues to tackle.
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How Do You Feel About Your Free Childcare?
oms are pretty resourceful people. When a need arises we figure out how to meet it. So many a work at home mom has figured out how to find free childcare. Maybe a relative has helped out or you've swapped babysitting services with a friend. How did that work for you? Tell us.

Child Care Resources
Locating child care resources can seem like a daunting task, particularly if this is new to you. We want what's best for our children so we're afraid of making a mistake. These child care resources will help you take a methodical approach--carefully considering what you need in child care, what you want, and what's available to you--as you mull...

Does a Work at Home Mom Need Child Care at All?
The circumstances in which no outside child care is needed are pretty similar to those in which part-time child care might work, varying only by degree.

How Much Child Care Do Work-at-Home Moms Need?
Do work-at-home moms need to hire child care? For most work-at-home moms, the answer is “yes,” at least part-time help. But how much and what type of child care you need varies.

6 Ways to Find Free Child Care
If--as the saying goes--you get what you pay for, then perhaps child care is something to pay for. However, you can find free child care by tapping into resources in your community and social network. Read more on how to line up free child care,

Child Care Options for Work-at-Home Moms
Just because you work at home doesn’t mean all your child care decisions are simple. In fact, work-at-home moms have additional issues to consider.

Free Childcare - How Do You Feel About Your Free Childcare? - Readers' Ideas...
oms are pretty resourceful people. When a need arises we figure out how to meet it. So many a work at home mom has figured out how to find free childcare. Maybe a relative has helped out or you've swapped babysitting services with a friend. How did that work for you? Tell us.

Do You Need Full-Time Child Care?
The instances in which work-at-home moms must have full-time child care are somewhat limited. That said, many choose to employ full-time child care in order to maintain a smoother work/life balance and to ensure their kids (and their professional commitments) get the attention they need.

8 Summer Child Care Ideas for Work at Home Moms
Lining up summer child care is a process that often starts in the winter but unfortunately can go on until back to school time . It rarely works out that a single solution to summer child care does the trick, particularly for those of us who work at home. But even if you do have to employ several of these summer child care ideas, the sooner you...

Do You Need After-School Care?

All About Summer Camp
Deciding on summer camp is not easy. First there's whether to send your child to camp. Is your child ready for camp? Can you afford it? Then there's what kind of summer camp Do you choose a day camp, overnight camp, specialty camp or nature camp?. And then you must decide where to send them. This summer camp FAQ can help you sort out...

Summer Camps by Specialty
Summer camps also cater to all sorts of specialties and interests. There are general nature summer camps and then there are summer camps focused on sports or another type of specialty. This list provides links to summer camps and directories of summer camps for all sorts of kids.

Do You Need Part-Time Child Care?
For many work-at-home moms, part-time child care is all they need because they have non-traditional work schedule or their children are in school. Not to mention that many work-at-home moms only work part time. And obviously, part-time employment only requires part-time child care. But how much is the right amount of child care?

After School Programs - What Type of After School Programs Work for Your Family?
While we all want our kids to be engaged in activities they enjoy, a child's interest is not always the only deciding factor when choosing after school programs. Often these after school activities are a form of child care for the working parents, extending the working day just enough to let us get our work done.

How Do You Work at Home With No Childcare?
We moms are natural multitaskers, but working at home with kids around is never easy, even when you employ part-time child care solution or even full-time childcare. so what if you have no childcare how do you do it? See submissions

Work at Home Moms' Summer Survival Stories
Work at home moms tell their "Summer Survival Stories," which are full of tips and tricks for keeping kids busy while you work. See submissions

Deciding on Summer Camp
For some families, summer camp is an almost automatic rite of summer. When school ends, summer camp begins. Families with two parents working outside the home that need child care to cover the summer months often find that summer camp fits the bill. But work work at home moms deciding if summer camp is the right choice can be tougher.

Summer Camps by Region
Find a good selection of summer camps in your area can be tough. These local listings of summer camps in state across the U.S. are a good place to start. These include both day camps and overnight summer camps.

Why Do You Need Full Time Child Care?
Work at home moms and dads all have different needs when it comes to childcare. Some employ full-time child care (either inside or outside the home) in order to work full time. Others manage to cobble together a part-time child care solution. If you work at home and employ full time childcare, tell us why this works best for your family. See submissions

In-Home or Out-of-Home Childcare Providers?
Work at home moms, like all working parents, choose from a wide variety of childcare providers. Their childcare providers run the gamut from grandma to full-time daycare, though some manage with no childcare. But one key question every WAHM who is considering hiring childcare is whether to employ in-home care (a babysitter, mother's helper,...

Working Parents Should Make a Snow Day Child Care Plan
Though snow days are often the source of fond childhood memories for kids, for parents they are a lot of extra work. When school is cancelled, parents who work from home or in an office, must make quick, alternate child care plans.

WAHM Tip: Kid Swap
If you work only part-time, it often doesn't make financial sense to hire child care. Yet sometimes you need a little alone time. Talk to other like-minded work-at-home and stay-at-home moms about a kid swap.

WAHM Tip: Join a Gym
Part-time, work-at-home moms who have young children but don't have outside child care, should consider a membership to a health club that has a child care facility. If you have a laptop, bring it along and sit in the lobby after your workout.

Part Time Childcare - What Kind of Part-Time Childcare Do You Use
While many working parents can find it difficult to arrange part-time childcare, the work at home mom, because of her flexible schedule, can often find a lot possibilities for part-time childcare. She might try anything from a college student who comes in to babysit in the morning to a babysitting coop to pre-school. What do you find works for...

Top 10 Ways to Find and Keep a Qualified Babysitter
Finding a babysitter you trust and the kids love can be a challenge. Jennifer Wolf, About.com's Guide to Single Parenting, tells you where to find qualified sitters and how to keep a sitter happily employed.

What to Consider When Selecting a Child Care Provider
Robin McClure, About.com's Guide to Child Care, takes you through some of the issues to consider when choosing a child care provider.

Selecting Child Care - The Pros and Cons of the 5 Different Choices
Katherine Lewis, About.com's Guide to Working Moms, goes over the pros and cons of several types of child care.

Drop-in Child Care
Drop-in child care can be a great options for work-at-home moms, who may not have a regular child care providers. Robin McClure, About.com's Guide to Child Care, explains how drop-in child care centers work.

Summer Planning Guide for Parents
Schools out for just three short months yet parents can spend that much time (or more) planning summer. Planning the practical aspects of school holidays undoubtedly means lining up multiple summer child care options and contingency plans around a schedule likely full of vacation dates and deadlines, all while hoping to infuse some summer fun...

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