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Home call centers are one of the most popular work at home jobs out there--both with workers and with companies. More and more companies are finding that the lower overhead costs home call center bring enhance their bottom line. However, companies use many different business models to set up home call centers--some hire employees while others use independent contractors; some offering paid training and benefits while others charge agents fees. Use these resources below to find out what type of call center company is right for you.
  1. Where to Find a Job
  2. What to Know About Home Call Centers
  3. Reviews and Profiles of Home Call Center Companies
  4. Self-Employment or Employment: Which Is Better?
  5. What Does This Mean?

Where to Find a Job

Work at Home Jobs

At home, of course! But actually it is a bit more complicated than that. Many companies only hire in certain states. Browse these lists of call center companies to find to right company for you.

What to Know About Home Call Centers

If you'd like to work at home in a call center job, start by researching potential companies carefully. Though there are many legitimate companies hiring home-based call center agents, call center and data entry work-at-home jobs are often used at the bait in work-at-home scams.

Reviews and Profiles of Home Call Center Companies

Virtual Call Center Job - Woman with Phone Headset

Read profiles of these popular home call center companies. Find out whether they hire employees or independent contractors and how the hiring process works.

Self-Employment or Employment: Which Is Better?

While some call centers hire home-based agents as employees--and even offer benefits--others hire independent contractor agents. Learn more about each type of agent and weigh the pros and cons of each for your particular situation.

What Does This Mean?

Work at Home Call Center Jobs

Below are some common terms related to home call centers and work at home jobs. Click on the term to learn more.

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