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Call center company Arise Virtual Solutions (Arise.com) contracts with work-at-home agents to provide telephone service to many well-known companies. However, the business model of Arise.com is quite different from other virtual call center companies, even those that use independent contractors rather than hire employees. And this brings a load of complaints and rants from some who call Arise a scam as well as high praise from others who call it a money-making opportunity.

Read the reviews of Arise Virtual Solutions for yourself and decide. And if you've worked for Arise, tell us what you think with either a long review or a short opinion about Arise.com.

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Short Reviews of Arise.com

These short reviews of Arise are a mix of positive and negative, but mostly negative. The main complaints these folks have about Arise.com are focused on technical support and management style. However, quite a few seemed surprised by the fees Arise charges for training and other services. The fans of Arise often counter that Arise is a business opportunity and, as such, there is naturally risk and that the fees are justified.

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