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Reviews of SYKES Home Powered by Alpine Access


Sykes Home Powered by Alpine Access, the Denver-based BPO, provides call center outsourcing to clients using only domestic home call center agents, aka homeshoring. Most of its call center employees are offered benefits like a health care plan and 401K. The company pays an hourly wage for time on and off the phone. (Not all call centers pay this way, read more about call center pay structures.) Read this profile of Alpine Access for more details, but to find out what it's actually like to work there, read the reviews below.

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No Help on Technical Issues at Alpine Access

The question of whether it was the reviewers equipment or Alpine Access's system was never resolve as agent was simply fired.

Bad Scores from Customers Got Agent Fired

Bad scores from angry customers were the end for this agent, even though the agent expected to have time to improve.


Training Not Sufficient at Sykes Home/Alpine Access

Insufficient training is a recurring theme with negative reviewers of Alpine access.


"Thrown in With the Wolves" at Alpine Access

Poor training and low scores meant this agent, who actually enjoyed the company, did not get renewed.

Poor Training Is an Issue at Sykes (Alpine Access)

In addition to training issues, inefficient software hinder performance and impacted agents pay.

Barking Dog Got Agent Fired

All was well at first, but strict rules made this agent unhappy and the dog ended his or her employment at Alpine Access.

No Problems at Alpine Access

This reader has been at Alpine Access for a year and hasn't run into any problems.

Reader Calls Alpine Access a "Virtual Sweatshop"

Poor training, a buggy computer systems and a lack of understanding from managers make it an unhappy place to work--even if you do get to work from home.

Alpine Access's Minimum Wage Not Worth It for Reader

Reader and training classmates did not last at Alpine Access because of low pay.

Reader: English With an Accent Is A Problem at Alpine Access

Reader believes an accent cause problems at Alpine Access.
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