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Types of Call Centers


Work at Home Call Center Jobs
Call centers are places where telephone operators (or call center agents) field incoming calls and/or make outgoing calls to customers and sales leads. But there are several types of call centers.
  • Virtual Call Centers - also known as home call centers, these types of call centers are one-person operations inside someone's home. Learn more on starting a virtual call center.
  • Inbound Call Centers - Some call centers only take inbound calls; these call centers tend to focus on customer service. However, sales can still be an important part of an inbound call center agent's job.
  • Outbound Call Centers - Some call centers (sometimes called telemarketing centers) make outgoing calls only; these tend to be sales-oriented operations.
  • Bilingual Call Center Jobs - Bilingual agents are often needed. These jobs typically pay more than the single-language positions.
  • Part-Time Call Center Jobs - Both full- and part-time positions are available at call centers. Some companies may require full-time commitment while others don't make any commitment to any specific number of hours.
For more about any of these types of call center jobs, read this article All About Call Center Work.

Find a Home Call Center Jobs:

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