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A growing number of companies hire people (both as employees and independent contractors) to work from home in call center. These jobs can be a great way to get started working form home, but potential agents should do their home work first. Find out here about compensation structures (per call or hourly payments), equipment requirements (e.g., DSL, computer, separate phone line) and, of course, which companies are hiring in virtual call centers.
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List of Work-at-Home Call Center Jobs
The more than 50 companies listed, which include Apple, 1-800-FLOWERS, GE, Convergys, Amazon and Hilton Hotels, hire work-at-home call center agents as independent contractors and as regular employees. Listings include virtual call centers in every U.S. state, Canada and the U.K.

How to Find Call Center Work
Before you start looking for call center work, find out all about it here. This article includes everything from call center pay and required qualifications to where to find a telephone customer service jobs, either working from home or in an office.

Work at Home Call Center Jobs FAQ
Looking for a home call center job? First research companies carefully. Learn how and how much they pay and what costs you might be required to pay in a home call center position.

How (and How Much) Home Call Centers Pay
How much is at-home call center pay and how pay is calculated? This is a question anyone new to work-at-home call centers might ask.

Home Call Center Companies by State
Unfortunately the "virtual" in virtual call center companies doesn't mean virtually anywhere. Most call center companies have geographic restrictions for their employees and independent contractors. Use this state by state list to find home call centers that operate in your state.

BPO Jobs from Home
Many home-based BPO ("business processing outsourcing") are for call center agents. Locate BPO jobs from home on this list of companies.

Call Centers: Work-at-Home Jobs in Canada
If you're seeking a work at home jobs in Canada consider home-based call centers. They are legitimate way to earn money from home.

Part-Time, Work-at-Home Call Center Jobs
If you already have a job or need to work part time for personal reasons, home call centers may be a viable option. This list includes companies that hire home-based call center agents on a part-time basis. However, keep in mind that part time does not necessarily equal flexible hours.

Bilingual Jobs in Virtual Call Centers
Like nearly every other industry that has a world-wide customer base virtual call centers need bilingual workers. Though Spanish is one of the most popular languages for bilingual agents many other languages are needed. These jobs typically pay a little more than English-only jobs.

Home Call Center Employment With Benefits
If you're interested in call center employment--rather than working as an independent contractor, these virtual call center companies hire employees not contractors. This list also lays out some of the benefits the companies offer their employees.

Reviews of Arise.com
This call center company charges training fees and monthly technical support fees, yet some people still think it is a good money-making opportunity. Others disagree. Read the reviews of Arise.com here.

Reviews of Convergys
Convergys hires work-from-home call center agents What's it like to work at Convergys? Read the reviews of Congvergys to find out.

Home Call Centers
Home call centers are one of the most popular work at home jobs out there--both with workers and with companies. More and more companies are finding that the lower overhead costs home call center bring enhance their bottom line. However, companies use many different business models to set up home call centers--some hire employees while others...

Home Call Center Office Requirements
If your interested in starting up a home call center, typically you'll need to provide the office equipment. The fact that employees provide their own computers and phones is one of the cost savings that makes home call centers attractive to companies. Most have pretty specific rules about the what the agent must provide, but this article will...

Medical Call Center Jobs From Home
These work-at-home call center jobs specialize in medical companies. Mostly are for RNs but there are some customer service jobs that hire LPNs and others with a medical background.

Call Center Job Description: Agent Requirements
What are the job requirements (education, experience, etc.) for call center agents? Find out in this call center job description for both work at home and office jobs.

Reviews of Call Center Companies
You really can't know what it's like to work for a call center company until you've actually done it. The next best thing, though, is to read first-hand reviews of call center companies from people like you. Read these reviews of work at home call center companies. Or if you've got experience with one of them write a review. See...... See...See submissions

Reviews of 1-800-FLOWERS Work From Home
Work-at-home jobs at 1-800-FLOWERS are both temporary and permanent call center positions, though temp jobs are more plentiful. Read these reviews from people who have done 1800FLOWERS work from home jobs.

Reviews of CenturyLink
What's it like to work at CenturyLink? Read these reviews of CenturyLink written by those who have worked there to find out.

Reviews of Convergys
What do employees say about what it's like to work at Convergys? Find out here.

What's It Like to Work for Arise Virtual Solutions?
Home call center company Arise Virtual Solutions has its fans and its detractors. Arise works differently than other call center jobs, charging certification fees to its call center agents. And for some that suits them fine while others didn't like it. If you have worked for Arise, share your experience. What was good? What was bad?

Telecommuter and Independent Contractor?
Work-at-home moms could be telecommuting employees or independent contractors. Each has it's own benefits and drawbacks.

What is “talk time”?
Call center agents must keep track of their "talk time" because their pay may be based on it.

Inbound Call Center Definition
An inbound call center is a call center where telephone agents field only incoming phone calls for a company or organization. Inbound call center agents often provide customer service to callers but can sell products and services. An inbound call center may be a traditional call center or a virtual call center.

NEW Corp. Review
What's it like to work at home for NEW Corp.? Read these reviews of NEW Corp. by those who have worked there to find out.

Call Centre Definition
A traditional call centre is a central location where telephone agents, or operators, make outgoing calls or field incoming phone calls for a company or organization.

Home Call Center Company: BSG VoiceLog
Looking for a non-sales phone job from home? BSG (Billing Services Group) is a BPO specializing third-party verification services that fits the bill. Learn more in this profile.

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