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Balancing Work & Family


Some days, all of parenting seems like a balancing act. But when you work from home, there's even less separation between the work and home tasks vying for your attention. And that work-life balancing act can become a frenetic juggle. Cranky babies and conference calls may now coexist in the same sphere, and it's up to you to keep your worlds from colliding. The key is planning and practice. These tip and articles will help you keep life and work organized.
  1. Making It Work
  2. Day-to-Day Details
  3. Share Your Secrets
  1. Keeping Kids Busy
  2. Managing Your Money
  3. Taking Care of Yourself

Making It Work

Work at Home Family

Getting good at balancing work and home in one place doesn't happen overnight. But work-at-home moms can smooth the transition for themselves, their families and their employers by examining some of the larger issue they face as they try to achieve work-life balance.

Day-to-Day Details

Grocery Shopping with Child

Whoever coined the phrase "don't sweat the small stuff" was probably not a mom. Being a parent is all about the small stuff--whether it's changing diapers, fixing meals or kissing boo boos. But all that small stuff can add up. Here's how to get a handle on it.

Share Your Secrets

Nap Mom and Child

Parenting is a tough job. So whenever we can get some advice from those who have gone before, that makes our jobs just that much easier. These links are full of advice submitted by readers like you. Click on them to read the advice or leave some words of wisdom for your fellow moms.

Keeping Kids Busy

Work at Home With Kids Help

An active kid is a happy kid. Take advantage of you child's natural industriousness and have plenty of stimulating activities ready to go to keep little hands (and minds) busy while your work. These ideas span the ages from toddlers to teenagers.

Managing Your Money

Save Money

In today's economy, everyone is trying to save a buck wherever they can. And work-at-home moms are no exception. From stay-at-home moms who want to bring in extra cash to moms who are taking the plunge into self employment, saving money is a top priority.

Taking Care of Yourself

Mom takes care of everybody, but sometimes she forgets about herself. Find tips on staying fit, reducing stress and nurturing relationships. Because when mom's happy, everyone is happy.

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