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Dealing With Distractions at Work

...when you work at home.


Perhaps one of the toughest adjustments that new telecommuters must make is learning to deal with the different set of distractions that working from home brings. Sure, there were plenty of distractions back at the office (chatty co-workers, back-to-back meetings and that humming fluorescent light), but we've learned to deal with them. 

When you work at home, the distractions are not only new, but they are more personal. It takes good time management, self-discipline and a little reflection to keep on track at home.

Anticipate Distractions

Work at Home Mom
Going into telecommuting you may imagine that certain things will be distracting, but find that your real issues are quite different. Learning what distracts you most is a process. Some common distractions that telecommuters and home business owners have are:
  • Children who need more supervision than expected
  • Household jobs, cleaning, etc.
  • Neighbors and friends who don’t think you are working
  • Personal emails and phone calls
  • A full refrigerator

Focus on Goals


Setting a schedule can help keep you focused. But allow yourself some pre-determined breaks in that schedule. You’ll wear yourself out if you don’t.

Set daily and long-term goals, and evaluate your progress frequently. At the end of each day, think back over the day. Did you accomplish your goals? If not, what kept you from it.

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