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Swap Kids for Free Child Care

Work-at-Home Mom Tip #3


How to Find Free Child Care

If you work only part-time, it often doesn't make financial sense to hire child care. Yet sometimes you need a little alone time. So wouldn't it be nice to find free child care? Well, you know what? You are not the only one!

Talk to other like-minded work-at-home and stay-at-home moms about a kid swap. You host a play date one day, and then the child’s parents reciprocate on another day. This gives your child an opportunity for play dates both inside and outside your home. And it give you free child care.

If your kids are school age, you may actually be able to get some work done while you're hosting the play date. Kids of this age should be able to play independently, but having a friend around may mean they're less likely to turn to you in boredom.

If this arrangement really works well for both parents and children, set it up as an ongoing arrangement. For example you host Tuesdays, they host on Thursdays. That makes it easier to plan your week and saves time and phone calls in setting up the play date.

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