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Gift Guide for the Work-at-Home Mom

What to Get the WAHM in Your Life for the Holidays


When it comes to gifts, work-at-home moms are in some ways very like most other moms. We come in many varieties: the practical mom, the busy mom, the mom in need in need of a little indulgence or maybe a combination of all three.

But in a few ways, we're a little different. We spend a lot of time at home, so a gift that gets us out is welcome. But our need for traditional gifts such as clothes, jewelry and cosmetics are little more limited, so factor that in as you choose.

I admit that I fall into the practical mom category so these gifts skew a little that way. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have more ideas.

Entertainment Outside the House

We work-at-home moms spend a lot of time at home, so anything that gets us out, especially for a little fun, is a good idea. Consider certificates for:
  • Theater or concert tickets
  • Restaurants
  • Movies
  • Spas and salons

More Ideas: Entertainment Gifts

Organizing Help

With home and work all in one place, WAHMs need all the organizing help they can get. From the home office to the kitchen, systems for keeping things in their place are required. This could be shelves, files, baskets, bulletin boards, etc. Plus every work-at-home mom needs a calendar.

More Ideas: Calendars and Planners

Kitchen Goods

Now for some work-at-home moms, you'll want to totally steer clear of this category. Many women don't appreciate kitchen goods as gifts. But we practical moms and foodies often like this kind of stuff.

And many work-at-home moms find that they cook differently than they did when they were in the workplace. Slow cooking and baking, which often take an overall longer period of time but not always more effort, are easier when you're at home.

More Ideas: Kitchen Goods


Becoming a work-at-home mom can totally change your views on clothes as gifts. I had never been a big fan of the idea, but now I am more open to it. Because I have no urgent need to replenish worn work clothes, my wardrobe tends to become a little ratty. So getting a cute new outfit is a treat, especially because I didn't have to shop for it.

On the other hand, those who keep up with a smart wardrobe on their own may be less interested in receiving more clothes since they have less opportunity to wear them.

If you're considering clothes for the WAHM on your Christmas list, you might want to check with her about what she prefers or needs and, of course, sizes.

Home and Garden

Considering how much time we WAHMs spend at home, it should surprise no one that home items can be a hit. But, as when giving any good gift, you need to account for taste. This is a wide open category because home gifts can range from small items like candles or knickknacks to larger ones like art or furniture.

If the WAHM on your list is a gardener, expand your browsing to the garden section. She might be able to fit in a little gardening at odd times during the day without having to worry about showering for work.

But if shopping for her home office, be careful not to cross too far into the practical territory if your work-at-home mom prefers luxuries. A file cabinet might not be what she wants to unwrap.


Yes, work-at-home moms (like most women) like jewelry. But a few things to think about before giving jewelry:
  • Opportunity to wear it. Depending on your lifestyle, less formal pieces may work best.
  • What's in the jewelry box. If she's got a box full of casual jewelry, maybe then maybe go formal.
  • Budget. For husbands, remember your budget is probably her budget too. How would she feel about this expenditure?

Family Fun

Working under the theory that if the kids are happy mom is happy, a membership to a museum, a trip to an amusement park or tickets to a family friendly show may be a good choice. Museum memberships are particularly nice because as a WAHM, she may have the chance to utilize when the crowds are lighter.

But if you go this route, get a small gift for just her. Moms are pretty selfless, but we still like to have a little something.

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