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When you’re working from home, you’re actually working, right? So being a work-at-home mom can require an even better sense balance between work and family. Learn how to turn off work at the end of the day and how to set boundaries so you can get some work done in the first place.
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Finding Work-Life Balance
Finding work life balance in this hectic world is tough, and working from home can seem like the solution to the work life balance problems that plague so many of us. After all working from home does me more family time. But working from home is not easy and it brings its own work life balance problems. These article will help work at home moms...

Organizing Home and Work in One Place
Organizing home and work is tough enough for everyone, but for those who work at home, organizing presents the special challenge of keep both family and work organized as the two realms mingle under one roof. Everyone has their own style of and ability for organizing so a one-size-fits-all approach definitely doesn't work. However, these...

Multitasking Effectively When Working From Home
When working from home multitasking becomes a way of life. But too much of a good thing can lead to problems so multitasking effectively is an important goal. Instituting some multitasking guidelines can smooth family work balance issues for work at home moms.

Work-at-Home Moms Goals
At year's end, work-at-home moms (and everyone else) think about setting New Year's resolutions. Though a new year is an ideal time for WAHMs to review professional and personal goals, we can do it all year round. In fact, in order to achieve success with New Year resolutions, we must keep these goals in mind all year. While everyone must...

Phone Manners for All Occasions
Work at home moms have to practice good phone manner is both their personal and professional lives because both their kids and their clients draw conclusions based on their example.These resources from across the About.com network provide examples of good phone manners in all settings and for all occasions.

Ground Rules for Working from Home
Setting work rules for your family (and yourself) is the key to success for any work-at-home mom. While every family's specific ground rules may differ, these are some decisions that work-at-home moms must make, as they develop a set of working rules.

Taming the Family Schedule
Balance the needs of everyone in the family with a sane, manageable family schedule.

9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Working at Home
These 9 questions to ask yourself before you start working at home home can prepare you for putting in a hard day's work in the home office. And I do mean hard work. working at home is not as easy as it looks so ask yourself these questions.

How to Balance Work and Life as a Work-at-Home Dad
Work-at-home dads have a special challenge in finding balance in their lives. Following these steps from About.com's Guide to Fatherhood will help you find the time and attention needed to succeed in your work, in your parenting and in your personal interests and joys.

Should You Take a Working Vacation?
If you can work from home, then often you can work from anywhere, including your vacation. But just because you can work doesn't necessarily mean you should. People who work at home (as well as those that don't) should weigh the pros and cons of taking a working vacation carefully.

The considerations are a little different for those who are self-employed versus those who have j…

The Art of Multitasking
Work-at-home moms in some ways seem the embodiment of multitasking. Many who don't employ outside childcare actually work while caring for children--two very demanding tasks. But even WAHMs whose children are in the care of others can find themselves juggling work and family tasks simultaneously. Work-at-home moms must perfect the art of multitasking as well as develop the wisdom to know when to employ it.

Work-at-Home Moms and Volunteering
Moms are so often called on to volunteer their time, whether at school, religious and community organizations and other non-profits. And depending on their careers, work-at-home moms may be able to volunteer time more freely than those working in offices.

Can You Work When Your Child Naps?
Of course work at home moms will want to work during their child’s naps. It would be silly to waste the long stretch of quiet a nap can bring and to never take advantage of naptime to get some work accomplished. But there are some drawbacks tow working while your child is sleeping.

Business Trip Checklist for Moms
When any working parent travels for business, it takes a lot of preparation to make the business trip--and life back home--go smoothly. However, work-at-home moms, who often don’t have regular child care in place, have special challenges.

Making the Most of Being a Work-at-Home Mom
Being a work-at-home mom has it's rewards but it isn't always easy. Here's how to make the most of your time at home with your kids.

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