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Website Usability Testing Jobs

Work at home testing websites and apps.


Website testing jobs are a form of micro jobs, or short online tasks for small pay. Also known as remote usability testing, these jobs involve carefully reviewing a client company's web or mobile applications and providing detailed feedback. Most tester might only get the opportunity to complete a few tests in a week, so website testing is not going to earn a lot but, rather, is a way to earn extra cash from home. For more about this jobs, read this Remote Usability Testing FAQ.


Requirements: Computer, Internet connection
Pays: $5 per feedback into PayPal a weekly
New testers sign up and can begin accepting tests. Unlike many other user testing sites, these require a written response, as opposed to a screen or voice recording. Many of the tests are related to social media so accounts in a particular social media may be required.


Requirements: Computer, Internet access, computer microphone
Pays: $10 in PayPal, usually within 3 days of acceptance
Testers must provide a test video and a written summary before acceptance into the program.


Requirements: Computer, Internet access, computer microphone
Pays: $10/test into PayPal weekly
Registration and test required for new testers. It can take 7 days to 2 months after submission for acceptance.


Requirements: Mac or PC, Internet access, webcam
Pays: $10 per test or possibly more, the Friday after the test is approved
Unlike other website testing sites that only require a screen and voice recorder, this site may require a webcam to record you as you review the site.

User Testing

Requirements: Mac or PC, Internet connection, microphone; mobile tests require iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, Windows phone
Pays: $10 web test, $15 mobile into PayPal
Testers must submit a sample test to get started. This test can be done using a telephone to record the voice, but to take on jobs a microphone is required.


Requirements: PC or Mac, Internet connection, microphone
Pays: Up to 8£/€/US$ per test into PayPal monthly
Based in the United Kingdom, this website testing site contracts testers from around the world, though fluent English is required. New testers complete a short questionnaire, upload a sample video, and if accepted fill out a profile.

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