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How to Multitask - How and When to Multitask for Work at Home Moms
For many work-at-home moms, the art of multitasking means learning not only how to multitask but when to do so. Most of work-at-home moms find themselves  ...
The Cognitive Costs of Multitasking - Psychology - About.com
Multitasking can reduce productivity dramatically. Learn more about the costs of multitasking.
How to Turn On Multitasking Gestures - iPad Help - About iPad
Turning on the new multitasking gestures in iOS 5 allows you to quickly and easily switch between apps on your iPad with a swipe of your hand, just as you ...
What Are Multitasking Gestures? - iPad Help - About iPad
Multitasking gestures are multi-touch, which means you use four fingers to activate them. Once you turn them on, these gestures carry out specific functions that ...
How to Open the Multitasking Screen on the iPad - About iPad
Looking for an easy way to switch between tasks on your iPad? iOS 7 replaced the task bar with a fully functional multitasking screen, making it easier than ever  ...
Does Multitasking Effect Concentration? - Ergonomics - About.com
Multitasking, as we've come to know it, is really just a quick and constant switch between multiple tasks. (For more information read "can people really multitask?
How iPhone Multitasking Works And How To Use It - iPhone/iPod
... between iPhone apps, or delete all apps running in the background to save memory? Then you need to familiarize yourself with the iOS's multitasking features.
What is Multitasking? - Ergonomics - About.com
Multitasking is the act of performing more than one task at the same time. Some typical examples include reading while exercising, talking on your cell phone ...
Multitasking and Seniors - Senior Living - About.com
Multitasking seniors have more trouble juggling multiple tasks than younger adults due to changes that occur in their brains as they age, making multitasking  ...
iPad FAQ: Can the iPad Multitask? - About iPad
Apple introduced a limited form of multitasking into iOS 4.0. The update allows the iPad to perform many of the basic functions people want from a multitasking, ...
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