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Laureen Miles Brunelli

The Importance of Phone Manners at Home, Work and Everywhere

By March 6, 2014

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Phone MannersEvery time my daughter's friend calls I am always so impressed with her phone manners. "Good afternoon, this is Elise," she begins each conversation (and occasionally makes me smile by saying the same in the morning or evening too). She then politely asks if my daughter is available.

Then there is my son's friend. He has dispensed with any semblance of greeting and immediately demands that I put my son on the phone before I can finish saying hello. I always slow him down a bit by asking who is calling, although I darn well know who it is, and commenting about the hour of his call or what a hurry he is in. He has never gotten my hint.

Guess which one I am more likely to arrange for a get-together with my child.

Good phone manners are a nice thing. And I think everyone should practice them just so that we can all live in a more civil world. But if that isn't enough of a reason, consider this: Good phone manners will help you (and your children) get what you want.

It's human nature to respond positively toward someone who is polite and friendly.  Whether you are a telecommuter who works part-time at home or a home-business owner, proper phone etiquette in the home office will only help your career.

But for the work-at-home mom, the importance of phone manners goes beyond our professional lives because our professional and personal lives can blur together. And as parents we have the added task of making sure to set a good example. None of us want our child to be "the rude child" as, I admit, I have not-so-politely designated my son's friend. However, I have to say that my kids are not as polite on the phone as Elise. So it's something to work on.



September 20, 2011 at 5:38 am
(1) Transcription Company says:

Phone etiquette is essential in any business either working from home. For work at home mom, the phone is a particularly important part of personal and professional life.

May 2, 2013 at 9:15 pm
(2) Jessica Brooks says:

Hi there! I so loved your post I feel the same way that phone etiquette will carry you a long way whether its in your personal life or in the business world. I can so relate to this post and if a friend calls my child and is rude I definitely know. that they won’t be friends for much longer lol great post!

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