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Laureen Miles Brunelli

Micro Jobs: Questions and Answers

By February 24, 2014

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micro job in the cloud

The first question many have about a micro job is: What is it? You may know more about them than you think. If you've heard of Amazon's Mechanical Turk, Fiverr or TaskRabbit, then you've heard of micro jobs. But these are all very different organizations, so read on for more on micro jobs.

The concept behind these online gigs--as they are often called--is rather new and the definition rather loose. For the most part, it is defined as a small task that earns a small fee. These can be done completely online, or it can be a real-world task coordinated online. However, jobs in online data entry, particularly those done through a crowdsourcing platform, may qualify as microjobs too. So for more about exactly what a micro job entails, see:

What Is a Micro Job?

Another good question: Can I make money at it? The payment is small but so should the time required to complete it, so to make any money at this you'll need to find micro jobs in volume and complete them quickly. And you have to be careful of PayPal and other fees that could eat up your earnings. Probably no one is going to make a living at it, but the question of whether it is worth your time is a good one. And I'm hoping others can help me answer. If you have worked a micro job, tell us about your experience.

Can You Make Money at a Micro Job?

And you may want to know finally: Where can I find a micro job? For that I have some answers. I listed companies with all kinds of microjobs--in-person and online tasks, reward programs and surveys, small services marketplaces, website testing and more--here:

35 Places to Find Micro Jobs

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