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Laureen Miles Brunelli

Save Money on Toner and Paper

By February 15, 2014

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I recently took on a new client that requires that all the work be edited in hard copy. Working on paper is a fairly new experience for me. Not since I started out as a small-town, cub newspaper reporter have I used paper in my work. (We literally cut--with a knife--and pasted the paper up on board.) I have no problem with marking my edits with an old-fashioned red pen, but the cost of the printer ink cartridges was killing me!

So I investigated ways to save money on printer ink cartridges, which can really put a dent in the home-office supply budget. Paper costs less, but saving on paper comes with the added benefit that you save on ink too.

These tips for saving money on printer cartridges were meant to help you save when you have to print for your home business. However, another way to save money on printing costs--both paper and ink--is to simply print less stuff.

But sometimes that is easier said than done, especially when it means changing habits. But when you make a conscious effort, you can reduce your paper usage and printing costs and create a more eco-friendly home office (with a lot less paper clutter too!).

March 3, 2013 at 8:51 am
(1) John Geldard says:

In our business we use loads of paper as we are cartridge re-manufacturers, so we have to do loads of test prints to get the print quality of the cartridge perfect. To save paper we print on both sides this slashes the costs by half. also every body keeps going on about how ink is expensive, It is not it cost only 15 a litre and you can get 100 cartridges out of the litre. ink becomes expensive when it goes into cartridges of any of the major company brands like Canon Epson HP ect. I don’t understand why as I have been led to believe that these cartridges are made for less than a euro.

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