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No more lists on the mirror!

Better time management always tops my New Year's resolutions list. And here it is April and, well, I could be doing better. While I don't think I'm a terrible time manager, I can't say I am excellent at time management either. I'm definitely somewhere in between. Hence, every year there is room for improvement

I considered using time-tracking software to tell me how much time I spend on each of my freelance projects. But in the end, I decided that the time involved in tracking my work would not be well spent because work is not my problem. So, I only use it in a very limited capacity to track work for clients that I bill by the hour.

For me it's the home life that seeps into my work time, not the other way around. And I have a tendency to multitask too much leaving a trail of half-finished projects littering my desktop. I need to better plan my time while the kids are school and focus on completing tasks within a certain time frame. One baby step, I have taken is to assess my half-done articles and projects and sort out a time frame for completing them. Some are really almost there, and I can't quite figured why I stopped.

Another thing is to rethink my strategy for list-making. I love to make lists, but I have a bad habit of making too many lists, losing them or failing to look at them often enough. And so I'm consolidating work- and home-related task lists (at least the short-term ones) in one place my, Google Calendar. The long term goals are easily accessible on Google Docs, a free online office tool.

I know this isn't a whole lot of progress toward my work-at-home goals (but it is still January!). More effective time management is a long-term goal. And frankly it's something that never ends because life with kids is always changing. So I'm not expecting to have it mastered in a month.

So what do you think? Do you have some time management tips for moms? Share your tips here.

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