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Is Arise a Legitimate Virtual Call Center or a Work at Home Scam?


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Referring to this list of companies offering legitimate work at home jobs, reader "Arise Fan" asks:

The list is very detailed, however, I wonder why the pioneer in the virtual contact center industry, Arise Virtual Solutions, was omitted? As an Arise Certified Professional, I have contracted with some of the world's BIGGEST businesses to provide customer service and sales support. I have applied with and worked for some of the others listed, however, when it comes to pay, hour selection and client diversity, Arise is the standout. Thank you.

The omission was not accidental. I purposely left Arise off that list as well as this list of virtual call center jobs. I would not go as far to call Arise an out-and-out work at home scam because its sole purpose is not to defraud people like these typical scams. However, Arise pushes business costs that are usually absorbed by the company on to its workers, making it a riskier business proposition for agents than most virtual call center jobs.

The way Arise works is quite different from the way most virtual call centers work. Arise call center agents must pay initial start up fees and then for training for each client. These client training costs can range from $50-$225 and lasts from two days to several weeks. Call center agents must also incorporate themselves as a business, which means set up costs and ongoing taxes and fees that vary from state to state.

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Arise has it backwards: Most companies pay their workers during training; workers don't pay the company. Yes, people do pay for their own educations, but an education will serve you your whole life. This training is for a specific client of Arise, so if you don't work for Arise, the training is useless. This outlay of time and money (at minimum $200 to get started), is a risk for the call center agent, who will have to recoup the cost before realizing any profit.

Arise positions its policy as creating small business owners. And, of course, there is risk in owning a business. But there is simply no reason to take on this risk when there are plenty of other virtual call center companies (and other work at home jobs) that do not put such a burden on their agents.

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