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Laureen Miles Brunelli

Telecommuting on Inauguration Day? Show Your Work-at-Home Productivity

By January 20, 2013

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Here in the Washington, DC, region where I live, telecommuting on Inauguration Day is an absolute essential for many. Not only are the roads closed or jammed and public transportation is inundated with Inauguration goers, several public school districts have closed for the day, leaving parents to scramble for child care.

With the second  inauguration of Barack Obama tomorrow, companies all over the DC area are allowing employees to telecommute for the day or are simply closing their doors. Many that are open are hosting parties or setting up TVs for employees to watch.

If you don't telecommute on a regular basis (or even if you do) and you will be today, this is an opportunity to show that telecommuting means you are, in fact, working. Many bosses and co-workers are suspicious of telecommuters' productivity, thinking that they really spend their days goofing off.

Being productive while working from home can dispel that myth. This same strategy of showing off your work-at-home productivity goes for snow days, natural disasters and other special events that necessitate telecommuting.

Frankly, I think those working in offices overestimate their own productivity as much they underestimate telecommuters'. Why else do my email box and Facebook page go quiet on the weekends, only to start buzzing on Monday morning (with message not related to work) when everyone is settled in the office for the work week?

Now, will I be in front of the TV at noon tomorrow? You betcha. But I will be back at my desk shortly thereafter.


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